Many followers of this website have asked why haven’t the Gardaí publicly supported Stephen Kershaw’s version of events regarding his claimed relationship with ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack)?

Apart from the obvious – that they do not accept Stephen Kershaw’s version of events – for the Gardai (including ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) – to do so publicly would raise a number of very awkward questions.

The first would be how ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) could have said that he believed Stephen Kershaw in the light of Stephen Kershaw’s previous statement which had been in the possession of the Gardai for some 8 years, since 2000, unless, of course, ‘Tom’ D/Gda Thomas Stack had not done his homework before he met Stephen Kershaw in the offices of One in Four on 23 May 2008.

The second question would be why wasn’t this exchange recorded either by ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) or by Garda Karina Carroll.

The third would be why when ‘Tom’ D/Gda Thomas Stack met with Stephen Kershaw on at least 4 known occasions (3 in Terenure Garda Station on 21 June 2008, 4 September 2008, 7 December 2008 and 1 in Stephen Kershaw’s home on 28 October 2009) when presumably ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) allegedly said on each occasion that he knew Stephen Kershaw was telling the truth because he could see it in Stephen Kershaw’s eyes there is no record of the presence of another Garda. 

The last would be why this relationship was kept secret and never disclosed to Brian Doolan before his trial. There was clearly a duty on the Gardaí (including ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) to disclose this in order to ensure that the trial would be fair and constitutional. The Director of Public Prosecutions was obliged to disclose the relationship to Brian Doolan but would also have been obliged to tell the jury. In this way the nature of this relationship – whether it breached Garda policy and whether it was one of control or manipulation or of emotional or material dependency, or precisely what this relationship was – would have been explored in the presence of the judge and the jury.  

In these circumstances it is understandable why the Gardaí have refused to publicly support Stephen Kershaw’s version of his alleged relationship with ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack).

Because of this Garda secrecy the trial was a farce, was unconstitutional and unlawful and the convictions are obviously unsafe. 

Let us see what the institutions of this ‘democratic’ state which claims to observe the ‘rule of law’ will do to right this patently obvious miscarriage of justice.