In a previous post the disgraceful antics of the two-faced State was exposed. It revealed the practice of lending full support to a complainant – who was permitted to give uncorroborated evidence – when it suited the ends of the DPP and the gardaí. But when the same complainant discloses – for the first time 4 years after conviction – dubious investigation practices – the telling to complainants that the gardaí believe them – the same State institutions ignore the complainant by failing publicly to confirm the complainants versions of events. This gives the impression that the complainants version of events is incorrect. This failure to offer public support is disgraceful. It is somewhat surprising that the main-stream media have not twigged this hypocritical attitude of the State.

But the State is not the only culprit in this regard. One in Four practices the same disgraceful antics and a good example is clearly seen in Stephen Kershaw’s case. One in Four was asked privately (to save it any embarrassment) in June 2017 to confirm Stephen Kershaw’s version of events some 3 months later. Because it failed to answer it was asked publicly for such confirmation some months later. It is in the public interest to know exactly how the gardaí investigate sexual offences. Bearing this in mind One in Four should have issued a public statement or held a press conference to show that it stood square behind Stephen Kershaw. One in Four’s acolytes in the mainstream media would have lapped it up. This website would have given it due prominence. Instead One in Four stayed SILENT. That silence was a shocking abrogation of its responsibility towards Stephen Kershaw. It’s failure to support him gave the impression that his version of events may not have been correct.

Had One in four supported Stephen Kershaw publicly which it should have done it would have caused considerable problems for its friends in the gardaí on whom it depends on for referrals. Who bites the hand that feeds it? Not only had Stephen Kershaw become a client of One in Four he was also actively fundraising for it at the time the organisation was asked questions, in the public interest, about the questionable investigation methods of the gardaí. Stephen Kershaw had organised a climb in the peaks of the Himalayas to take place in October 2017 as a fundraising event. One in Four does not seem to appreciate that Stephen Kershaw was risking life and limb on such a dangerous venture. While trekking on the snow clad slopes in low temperatures he could have fallen and been lost in a deep ravine, or have bee swept away in an avalanche or could have lost a finger or toe (or both) to frost bite.

A photo of Stephen Kershaw’s fundraising efforts was published on One in Four’s website. When all of this was done and the money was paid over what happened to Stephen Kershaw? He was airbrushed out by One in Four. That’s the thanks he got. That was pretty disgraceful for an organisation whose purpose is to “support” its “clients” from the cradle to the grave. The lesson here is simple – when you’ve served its purpose One in Four loves you, when you cause it embarrassment it abandons you. Is that two-faced? Yes it is! Is it abuse? Yes it is!