This website has repeatedly called for men sexually abused as children by older women to come forward and report these crimes.

Some recent developments are hopeful in this regard. The conviction of a woman in her 40s for the sexual assault on her younger brother when she was 19-21 years of age and he was 9-11 years of age is a good start despite the puny sentence of 6 months imposed on the abuser which the DPP refused to appeal on the ground of leniency.

The recent prosecution of a woman in her 50s on 40 charges of sexual abuse on a number of children in the 1980s is another step forward though this case must be watched carefully to see if the sentences imposed on women abusers are consistently unduly lenient.

What is urgently needed is a new organisation staffed exclusively by men to assist and support other men who were sexually abused by their mothers, sisters, aunts, female cousins, baby-sitters, teachers etc. etc., in order to give them the courage to step forward and lift the curtain on this taboo subject in order to protect other male children.