This photograph shows Stephen Kershaw resting on the summit of Lugnaquilla, the highest peak in the Wicklow mountains (not a flake of snow in sight), when he was a teenager.

Obviously, this first experience was so exhilarating that it enkindled in him an excitement for scaling heights.

Stephen Kershaw can reveal to the world who his guide was on that July day many years ago – unless he is suffering from another one of his regular and selective lapses of memory!

When Stephen Kershaw publishes his mountaineering experiences entitled “Small Mountains I have Scaled” the copyright owner of this photograph will graciously permit its use (waiving any fee) provided the copyright owner is named and acknowledged.

It is a strange contradiction (students of human behaviour please note) that the person who introduced Stephen Kershaw to his claimed love of mountains is the very person Stephen Kershaw has spent years “pissing and moaning about”.

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