Stephen Kershaw said in a newspaper interview about Brian Doolan:

“The situation was made worse when statements he had given to the HSE were mixed up with another person’s statement. The detail of the other person’s statement was put to him as his evidence, forcing him to strongly deny it and causing great confusion and stress.”

This is a complete fabrication. The facts are simple.

Stephen Kershaw spoke with a social worker in 2008.

The social worker took notes of the conversation – Stephen Kershaw did not.

What the social worker recorded were facts totally contradictory to what Stephen Kershaw had told the gardaí earlier in the year.

There was now three versions of events – all different and all made by Stephen Kershaw.

The notes of the social worker were not given to the gardaí nor did the DPP see them before deciding on a prosecution.

These notes surfaced during the trial. The social worker gave evidence of what Stephen Kershaw told her.

At no stage was the social worker challenged that she was confusing Stephen Kershaw with any other person.

Apart from casting aspersions on the character of the social worker, Stephen Kershaw has, once again tried to twist crucial facts which show him in an extremely bad light.

It is difficult to understand how a journalist, who read the trial transcripts could have published what he did.

Stephen Kershaw is yet again trying to manipulate the facts by stating a deliberate falsehood.

If what he told the social worker was true then what he told the gardaí was false and visa versa : if what he told the gardaí was true then what he told the social worker was false. And of course both contradicted the signed statement of 2000 published here.

Has any garda investigation been launched into this matter? Of course not – another example of Stephen Kershaw’s immunity from prosecution.