Stephen Kershaw seriously assaulted a “friend” in 1996. The Friend clearly explains in his statement what Stephen Kershaw did to him:

Despite making a written complaint to the gardaí no prosecution against Stephen Kershaw followed.

The causing of actual or serious bodily harm is an offence contrary to sections of the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997, and carries imprisonment from 6 months up to life. view full act here

Stephen Kershaw committed two offences for which he was not prosecuted. Why not? Is Stephen Kershaw immune from prosecution?

Instead the gardaí investigated a causal remark which was probably said in response to the assault. His friend has claimed that he kept a diary. There is no mention of this in his statement. Miraculously this diary appears years later. 

Incidentally, did the journalists know about this serious assault? Have they discovered why Stephen Kershaw was not persecuted?