On Saturday the 20th of May 2017, RTE Radio 1 carried an interview with Stephen Kershaw on the Marian Finucane show.

Stephen Kershaw stated that after making a five page statement he asked [the Detective Garda] whether he the [Detective Garda] believed him (Kershaw). The Detective Garda is supposed to have relied: “of course I do… like just look at it!”

This statement was taken in the One in Four offices on the 23rd of May 2008. It seems that the meeting between Stephen Kershaw and [the Detective Garda] was arranged through the One in Four organisation.

Before commenting on this matter Clean Hands Justice put a number of questions to One in Four. No reply was forthcoming. Accordingly, One in Four is now being asked these questions publicly plus an additional one.

Why such a deadly silence? Were One in Four waiting receipt of money from the current fundraising activity of Stephen Kershaw?

Is the Moto of One in Four now “Money Before Transparency?”

The questions are as follows:

  1. Did One in Four know that Stephen Kershaw had made a written statement to the Gardaí in 2000?
  2. Was that fact, if it was known to One in Four, conveyed to the Gardaí before the meeting at which the statement of the 23rd of May 2008 was taken?
  3. If not, why not?
  4. Was any member of One in Four present when Stephen Kershaw gave his statement to [the Detective Garda]?
  5. Did any member of One in Four hear Stephen Kershaw ask [the Detective Garda] did he [the Detective Garda] believe him (Kershaw)?
  6. If any member of One in Four heard that question what answer did [the Detective Garda] give?
  7. If One in Four was unaware of the Statement of Stephen Kershaw of the 1st of August 2000 before the meeting of the 23rd of May 2008 when and how did the organisation first learn of that statement?
  8. Did [the Detective Garda] know the name of the person who was going to make a statement before he attended that meeting?
  9. Have One in Four, on its own volition or on request from Stephen Kershaw, asked the Gardaí to publicly confirm Stephen Kershaw’s version of the relation between himself and [the Detective Garda] who took his statement?