Ciarán MacAoidh records this (on the face of it) disturbing written recollection about Stephen Kershaw:

In the early 1990s I was staying over at Stephen’s house, we were talking that night, I was sleeping on his floor and he asked me if I could absolutely get away with it, would I rape a woman. I got very upset about this, and told him absolutely not, I gave him reasons why. I asked why did he ask that question and would he. He said if he could get away with it, why not. This bothered me for years. 

Does Ciarán MacAoidh stand over the accuracy of this recollection?

Does Stephen Kershaw agree with Ciarán MacAoidh’s recollection of them saying these words? 

What did ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) do about this when Ciarán MacAoidh informed him of these very (on the face of it) disturbing words? Did he raise the issue with Stephen Kershaw? Did he make any independent inquiries?