Photo by Alan Betson

It is now over 2 and a half years since you told the world about the relationship you allege you had with ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) who was at one time stationed in Terenure Garda Station in Dublin. No one has publicly backed your version of this relationship. 

In those circumstances could you answer the following questions? In line with good journalist practice (not usually observed in the Irish mainstream media) this website is giving you an opportunity to respond privately so that your responses can be included when comment is publicly made (in the public interest) about these issues.

  1. Do you still stand over your version of events relating to the relationship you alleged you had with Detective Garda Thomas Stack or (Tom as you regularly referred to him) which you revealed to the world for the first time on the Marian Finucane Show on RTE Radio1 on 20th May 2017?
  2. Have you asked ‘Tom’ (Detective Garda Thomas Stack) to publicly support your version of events about the relationship you allege you had with him?
  3. Have you asked Maeve Lewis of One in Four, whose organisation you risked life and limb for in climbing in the Himalayas to publicly support your version of events about the relationship you allege you had with ‘Tom’ (Detective Garda Thomas Stack) which began in the offices of One in Four on 23rd May 2008?
  4. What was your purpose in introducing Conor Lally, a journalist with the Irish Times, to ‘Tom’ (Detective Garda Thomas Stack) in the Criminal Courts of Justice on 6th March 2017?
  5. How did you respond when GSOC, who were investigating an offence under section 62 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005, approached you for a statement?
  6. What part did you play in the events which led to Governor William Dowling of Arbour Hill Prison imposing a sanction of the loss of visits and phone calls on Brian Doolan which the High Court ruled was unlawful and which has cost the taxpayer 1000s of euros in legal costs? 
  7. Can you explain the ways in which you have attempted to silence this website?