The Irish Times, on 20 May 2017, carried a ‘report’ under your name on its front page and an ‘interview’ on an inside page with Stephen Kershaw. Both fell well below the usual poor standard of Irish Times ‘journalism’.

Before we comment in detail on these figments of imagination we are doing you the courtesy of giving you an opportunity (which you do not seem to afford to others) to comment on the following:

  1. Did you verify anything (any one thing) Stephen Kershaw told you when you published a long dreary self-effacing cringing and whining ‘interview’ by any documentary evidence such as statements or trial transcript?
  2. Did Stephen Kershaw tell you about the written statement he made on 1 August 2000 when he was 24 years of age in the comfort of his own home?
  3. Did you make any effort to obtain Brian Doolan’s response?
  4. What was the purpose of Stephen Kershaw introducing you to D/Gda Thomas Stack of Terenure Garda Station in the Courts of Criminal Justice on 6th March 2017?
  5. Was it a coincidence that some two months after that meeting you published details of an investigation into an alleged forgery of a birth record, which was lead by Sgt Joseph Molloy of Terenure Garda Station, and which ‘story’ you attributed to (anonymous) ‘reliable’ Garda sources’?
  6. Did your ‘reliable Garda sources’ forget to mention that the only (flimsy) ‘evidence’ which the Gardai had in relation to the alleged forged ‘birth record’ was a statement from a man who when he himself was 13/14 years of age obtained a passport in another name in obviously fraudulent and unlawful circumstances?
  7. When you were fed the fictional ‘fact’ that an acquaintance went to Dublin Airport to try to convince Brian Doolan not to leave this country to effect a perfectly lawful foreign adoption did your ‘reliable Garda sources’ forget to mention that this so called acquaintance was a social welfare fraudster, an organiser of fake road accidents aimed at defrauding insurance companies and himself had obtained an Irish passport which contained one central false fact?
  8. Did your ‘reliable Garda sources’ give you any explanation as to why neither of these Garda ‘informers’ have ever been prosecuted for their crimes?
  9. Did you cooperate with GSOC in its investigation into a criminal offence under section 62 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005?
  10. Did the Irish Times have a licence from the copyright owner to use the images that were published alongside that ‘report’ and ‘interview’?