The self-appointed and totally unaccountable One in Four organisation is (yet) again attempting to extract more funds from the public purse.

This time the dubious One in four alleged that four persons (presumably men) supposedly committed suicide while waiting on long lists to avail of the organisations ‘services’.

The use of these unfortunate deaths in this way is pretty grubby even by the low standards of One in Four. Hardly a surprise! This is the organisation that dumped one of its ‘clients’ when that ‘client’ attracted unwanted (but justified) publicity though very cleverly they did this only after the ‘client’ fundraised for it.

This self-audited figure of four deaths was trotted out in a recent radio interview and, of course, went totally unchallenged. One in Four could have plucked any figure from the air.

The interviewer never asked how many ‘clients’ committed suicide after engaging with One in Four or, more pointedly, how many ‘clients’ committed suicide because they had engaged with One in Four.

Maybe One in Four might give out these figures, or maybe not. To tell the public this would not merit an increase in public funding. It might result in the losses of all public funding!

Not before time!