Still smarting from having the shit kicked out of him by Stephen Kershaw and his fragile ego hurt, this “friend” hot footed it across to the Eastern Health Board (now HSE) in Lord Edward street.

There he met two social workers. One took notes throughout the meeting which is standard practice  – Stephen Kershaw please note! While these social workers were not trained interrogators (unlike the gardaí) they were mindful (unlike the gardaí) of the ease with which false accusations can be made.

During this interview the social workers asked questions to test the “friend’s” credibility. The “friend” failed this test miserably by telling two bare faced lies and did it without batting an eye lid. He was asked where and when he first heard of these allegations. He answered in the house of a family member of Stephen Kershaw after the funeral of Stephen Kershaw’s grandmother in January 1998 from various sources. The social workers discovered that this “friend” was not at that function.

Indeed, the owner of the house categorically and without contradiction stated that this “friend” was NEVER in that house.

The social workers were also dubious about the unexplained delay – over 2 years – in coming forward. It seems the bloody battering he got at the hands of Stephen Kershaw jogged his memory: of course, the “friend” never told the social workers about the beating. That would have made the allegations obviously suspect. So what does the “friend” do? he suppresses the beating. So here was the “friend” lying and spinning information to suit his own ends. Was he reliable and credible? The social workers did not think so and never proceeded to act on the allegations. Another fact that the “friend” forgot to disclose was that when he was younger he needed some form of professional interventions.

Because of the possibility that this behaviour was criminal it does not appear that the Health Board notified the gardaí or if they did the gardaí took no action (hardly surprising!) and certainly never disclosed this to the DPP or to the Defence. Why not?

This “friend” was to surface again in very suspicious circumstances. After Stephen Kershaw made a statement to gardaí on the 23 may 2008 in the offices of the One in Four organisation which, of course, contradicted what he had said in a statement made in the comfort of his home on the 1 august 2000. The “friend” produced a diary to the gardaí – more about this miraculously appearing diary in future posts. For now it is enough to say that it’s contents informed the Garda investigation.

As noted earlier it is not clear whether the Eastern Health Board informed the gardaí of the “friend’s” lies but Stephen Kershaw certainly knew of these lies from 2000. He was instrumental in encouraging his “friend” – the one he kicked the shit out of – to produce this diary to the gardaí. Did he warn the gardaí that the diary came with a health warning that its author had a history of lying? If he did not do so and there is no record that he did – was that failure a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice?

So here you had the appalling vista – an investigation informed by Stephen Kershaw who lied to the gardaí, and the “friend” who lied to the Eastern Health board. This behaviour rang no alarm bells with either the gardaí or the DPP.

In this case it seems that these State agencies were easily hoodwinked by two liars.

But then so was a journalist from a reputable newspaper and a leading RTE presenter. So they were all in illustrious company. It is remarkable how easily this was done!

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