One of the defects in the criminal justice system is the absence of any obligation on the Gardaí or the DPP to inform the accused of any instances where the accuser had lied with regard to other unrelated complaints.

This website has revealed the fact that a person made a complaint to a Health Board which was totally rejected because the accuser was proved to be a liar. Suppose that same person, some years later, made a complaint of the following: “I was groped, licked, grabbed and had a dildo pushed in my face”. Would a person accused of a sexual assault be told that his accuser had lied about a previous complaint? Since the identity of the accuser is hidden from the public by the State by what other means can an accused discover the true character of his accuser? Indeed this protection continues if the accuser is disbelieved, which increases the risk of false accusation. So here is the question. Has the person who lied to the Health Board ever given uncorroborated evidence with the accused having been kept in the dark about his accuser’s dubious past? Another line of inquiry to add to the long list of questionable issues surrounding this case.