The news that One in Four has had its request for ‘emergency funding’ from the taxpayer rejected has come as a direct result of issues raised on this platform about that secretive, self appointed and self regulating organisation.

Its refusal to divulge how many so-called ‘clients’ committed suicide either after they made contact or because they made contract with that vicious and exploiting organisation is just one example of its true purpose which is ‘Money before Transparency’.

One in Four has been one of the major drivers of the child sex abuse industry from which it has profited hugely.

Another such refusal was highlighted here over two years ago. One in Four refused to publicly support one of its ‘clients’ (and a fundraiser to boot) when his version of events relating to a claimed ‘special’ relationship with the investigation Garda was challenged as to its veracity.

This ‘special’ relationship was supposed to have begun in the offices of One in Four and was witnessed by a current member of the One in Four staff.

Why the silence?  The two-faced One in Four is never shy about criticising others but then acts in exactly the same way. Hypocrisy of the worse sort! 

It is fake and false to say as One in Four regularly says that is supports its clients. The opposite is the case.

One in Four abandons its ‘clients’ as soon as they become a danger to the organisation.

And of course the mainstream media believes every word this toxic organisation says without question which says as much about that media as it does about One in Four.