It is now over two weeks since a woman who sexually abused her younger brother of 9 years over a 2 years period was given a ridiculously light sentence of 6 months in prison. This case proves that women do sexually abuse children and is undoubtedly just the tip of the iceberg.

Compare this 5 days after a man received a 7 year sentence for the sexual abuse of a young girl. The facts of the two cases were almost identical. Why did the man receive a sentence 14 times greater than the woman? The judges have some explaining to do as to why these sentences are so different, where the facts are so similar.

If they cannot, then the only conclusion can be that the sentencing policy and practice of the judges is gender biased. So women get light sentences and men get sever sentences for the same offences. And male child victims of women are treated as the inferior of female child victims of men.

Has the DPP appealed this lenient sentence?

Notice the silence from the usual collection of suspects – the feminised main stream media and the ‘man-hating’ organisations. Imagine the outcry from the same quarters if a man, when he was aged between 19 and 21 systematically used his 9 year old sister for his sexual satisfaction over a 2 year period, received the pathetically light sentence of 6 months? The talk show presenters, the newspapers and the so called ‘victim support’ groups along with the politicians would have ranted and raved against the courts, the law and anything else they could aim at.

But their silence indicates a clear hypocritical stance. These have no real concern for the victims of sexual abuse unless they are women because their message is clear. The sexual abuse of male children by women (to be considered a right of passage and something a man should relish) is perfectly acceptable and normal.