Many followers of this website have asked the question why if Stephen Kershaw’s version of events about his relationship with ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) is untrue why have the Garda authorities, and failing that ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) himself, not publicly challenged Stephen Kershaw to withdraw the obvious slur on ‘Tom’s (D/Garda Thomas Stack) good name and reputation?

The answer is painstakingly obvious. By challenging Stephen Kershaw the Garda authorities and/or ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) would publicly be calling into question Stephen Kershaw’s veracity, reliability and credibility.

And that would be an extraordinary strange volte face bearing in mind that the Gardai had at one time offered him to the DPP (who in turn offered him to a jury) as a truthful, reliable and credible witness.

This silence is tantamount to an admission that not alone did ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) breach Garda policy but that he also suppressed critical information which should have been disclosed to the DPP who in turn was obliged to tell the trial court to ensure a fair trial.

Of course, if the Garda authorities and/or ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) did challenge Stephen Kershaw it does not automatically follow that Stephen Kershaw was lying. It simply means that there is a conflict between Stephen Kershaw and ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) upon which a jury may be called to adjudicate at some time in the future.

This failure to support one of its members in a situation where there may be no blame attaching to that member is a shame and a shocking indictment of the Garda authorities.

It also sends a very chilling message to every other member of the force. They now know that if they are (wrongfully) publicly accused of falling short in the professional performance of their duty the Garda authorities will do nothing to set the record straight and take no action to vindicate their good name and reputation.

And then there is an equal deafening silence from another quarter that would have been expected to support a member in a crisis situation like this. The Garda Representative Association (GRA) have not publicly rallied in support of ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack). Nor have they issued a robust condemnation of the Garda authorities’s failure to publicly support one of its members.

Of course there could be a simple reason for these deafening silences. The Garda authorities and ‘Tom’ (D/Gda Thomas Stack) do not accept Stephen Kershaw’s version of events and are too cowardly to contradict him because of the consequences which would flow from such a denial which have been highlighted previously on these pages.