In May 2017, Stephen Kershaw told the world he was abused by his uncle Brian Doolan, and like so many “victims” who go public, Stephen Kershaw was selective in what he wanted the world to know. He didn’t openly expose the fact that years previously, he had made a statement to the gardaí denying that any abuse took place. Therefore this website was created to expose to the world this very important fact that Stephen Kershaw clearly wanted kept hidden.

In an RTE radio interview on the 20th of May 2017 Stephen Kershaw bragged about being believed, and on a regular basis, by the investigating detective who took his statement in the offices of the victim support group One in Four. This goes against the Garda Síochána policy on the investigation of sexual crime and allowed this website to expose that fact and to therefore question a flawed garda investigation and a possible miscarriage of justice. It also allowed this website to explore what role the victim support group One in Four actually played in all of this.